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Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions

Lavasa International Convention Centre (LICC) respects the privacy of the personal information that is collected and is committed to managing that information in a responsible manner, complying with LICC's statutory obligations.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
LICC will only collect and hold personal information that is necessary to have in order to attend to your business need. This will include such information as your name, address, contact details, and gender. All personal information will be collected directly from you. Sometimes, it may be collected from other parties.
LICC will not collect sensitive personal information like medical and health information.
LICC will use the personal information collected principally for the purpose of assessing and advising you on your business needs. This may include identifying and providing you with information about other products or services that may help you to understand and make decisions about your business in relation to LICC.
We may use your personal information in several ways:

  • To assist you with future business dealings with LICC
  • To send you emails or postal mail details of products and services we offer
  • To maintain our relationship with you
  • To conduct market research
  • To invoice
  • To offer tenders

Internet Use

LICC is not responsible for exchange of information and privacy policies of an individual, delegate or organization. If you do not feel it is appropriate to send your information electronically, please contact the LICC on + 91 20 6792 8000. Please refer to the individual policies of your organisation


LICC ensure safety and Security of delegates and materials as and when assigned under the purview of deliverables during the events held at the venue.
Our procedures include:

  • Physical access controls to the information where information is kept
  • Computer and network security including password and other electronic protection
  • Our employees and data processors are obliged to respect the confidentiality of personal information we hold
  • Training of staff on information handling processes
  • Secure storage and audited disaster recovery practices

We only retain information that is necessary and relevant to our operations.


This website provides information about the services and facilities at the Lavasa International Convention Centre. This information is not definitive and is correct at the time of publication.  The Lavasa International Convention Centre reserves the right to make changes to all information on the site at any time, without prior notice.

Information and material contained on this website is subject to copyright.  No part of the site may be reproduced without written permission from Lavasa International Convention Centre.


Our operational and legal obligations will generally require that you identify yourself to us in order for us to provide services to you or on your behalf.