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Leisure and Entertainment

Due to its unique location, a day spent at LICC has several interesting possibilities. After taking care of business, delegates and visitors can choose from a wide array of activities:

Xthrill Adventure Sports Academy:
Challenge yourself through rappelling, rock climbing or team raft-building. Or take off on a paraglider across the Lavasa horizon.
Lakeshore Watersports:
Zip across the water at 70 Kms/hour or jump on the trampoline. Challenge one another on the Wibit or keep to yourself and go kayaking.
The elegantly planned and meticulously managed, Dasvino Town & Country Club is all set to take you to a world where luxury pampers you at every single step.
The Game Arcade: Try your hand at a different kind of bowling. Discover simulated shooting, NEOS wall and Electronic Darts all for the first time in India
The Nature Trail:
Step off onto the road less travelled and into another world. The vast wooded environs of Lavasa offer Nature trails through which our guides will take you.
The Bamboo Factory:
Watch local craftsmen create bamboo handicrafts and pick up bamboo artifacts and souvenirs.
The Nursery:
Buy saplings and learn about the eco-friendly practices of India’s largest urban development project at our in-house nursery.
The Thicket:
Wander through the enchanting bamboo thickets of Lavasa. Find traditional heeling plants, fruits in the forest, play peek-a-boo with rare birds and discover wildflowers.

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